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Commercial and Passenger Vessels
Knight Carver is proud to announce that we have acquired Diligence, a 4,000-ton capacity dry dock, for our refit and repair operations.

“This is a remarkable milestone in the long and productive history of our company,” said Michael O’Leary, President and Chief Executive Officer of Knight & Carver YachtCenter.

“We are now able to attract the world’s largest megayachts to our facility as well as large commercial and military vessels. San Diego now ranks among the world’s best-equipped megayacht repair centers.” The Knight & Carver Way Knight & Carver YachtCenter ·

July 2010 Our New Era Begins Our New Era Begins Introducing the dry dock Diligence With the acquisition, Knight & Carver will provide the largest yacht-friendly lifting capacity on the West Coast, and one of the largest such lifts in the U.S. Full dry-dock operations are expected to begin by August 15.

Knight & Carver has already secured a major refit for the facility. Diligence will be operated under an exclusive long-term lease agreement by a locally-based investment group, along with an investment partner, Fraser’s Services, a San Diegobased boat repair firm. For more information on Diligence, please see pages 2 and 4.





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